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Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier - Fine Chocolates Made by Hand

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Travel to Chocolate Regions

Journey into the flavorful world of dark chocolate. Cacao takes on the flavors of the regions where it’s grown, much like the grapes that make a fine wine or the beans roasted into gourmet coffee. The growing environment, or terroir, adds unique notes to the finished product. So does the care that’s taken with the beans once they are harvested. Just as the cacao trees require the skilled tending of a dedicated farmer, the beans need the finesse of a superior chocolate maker. Great beans can become poor chocolate if not fermented and roasted appropriately.

Most chocolatiers blend their chocolates to achieve a certain flavor. Gail takes a different approach. She starts with the finest single-origin chocolate, bursting with the unique characteristics of each region, and infuses natural, fresh flavors that add depth, complexity and sumptuous layers to the taste experience.

Explore the regions where Gail’s select single-origin chocolates are grown and discover the truffles inspired by their richly distinct flavors …