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Pairings from Fromagination

February 5, 2010

Here are the beer/chocolate pairings from the Fromagination event:

Whitcap Abby Single (Lighter Belgian)

Regal de Bourgogne aux Raison (Milk Fresh French cheese encrusted with raisons soaked in brandy)

Domain du Page, French style ale

Carmel and Sea Salt truffle
Dante from the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Coop

Pranksters Beer (Belgian)

Moody Blue (smoked blue cheese, Ader Kase produced by Seymour Dairy, smoked and marketed by Roth Kase)

Gulden Draak (Darker Belgian-style beer)

Sour Cherry Truffle

Lindeman’s Pomme (Sweet Apple “lambic”-style)

Cinnamon/Cayenne Truffle

Samiclaus (14% ABV Lager brewed once-a-year by Austrian monks, on St. Nicholas day… said to be the strongest lager in the world)

Extra Aged Gouda
Cognac Ginger Truffle

Espresso Amber beer

Fromage a Trois (Bourbon-chocolate chevre, heart shaped, from Capriole Farm, Indiana)
Gail’s Espresso Chocolate Bar

Finish with Mascarpone – it’s like the cream in your coffee!