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Here I am, sitting down next to Isaac after meeting Michelle Obama. Just a bit excited!

Ah, election season. It’s hard to tune out all the ads, rhetoric and bickering. It can make you feel disillusioned. It can make you tempted to sit this one out. But the other day, I got a chance to meet Michelle Obama at a fundraiser for Russ Feingold. She really reminded me why it’s so important to vote, no matter what your political inclination.

Michelle Obama lights up the crowd.

Mrs. Obama talked about change and how it takes time to untangle problems, but with patience and perseverance we can solve them. Despite the differences among us, we all want the best for our children and those we love. Just like our parents before us, we get up each day, do our best and work hard to make a better life for our kids. As she spoke, I squeezed my son Isaac’s knee and held back tears. In this tough economy and rapidly changing world, I wonder what the future will hold for Isaac and his children. I have to believe that change is possible. It won’t be immediate, but in time things will get better if we keep trying.

When I met her, Mrs. Obama gave me a hug for making chocolate. I hope the box we gave an aide gets to her, since the president is a well-known salted caramel fan. I told her I was so happy about her focus on childhood obesity. She beamed, gave me a thumb’s up and said we’ll make it work.

From the “Let’s Move” campaign to establishing a kitchen garden at the White House, I really admire Mrs. Obama’s efforts to help raise healthier kids and improve access to fresh, locally grown food. Setting the stage for healthy living is a change that will give so many kids longer, better lives.


It was an honor to be able to take my veteran staff and family to see the First Lady and show my support for Russ. I hope the experience inspired my staff to get involved. Whether it’s contributing money, knocking on doors or casting your vote, it’s so important to support your candidate and do what you can.

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